Our Projects

Our Projects

City of Cape Town

City of Cape Town Medium-Term Infrastructure Investment Framework

Development of a housing strategy

Development of a Housing Strategy Tool for South African Metros

Fiscal impact tool

Development of a Fiscal Impact Tool for South African Municipalities

gautneg infrastructure

Gauteng Infrastructure Investment Master Plan

impact assessment

Impact Assessment of Long-Term Growth Options in Mossel Bay

Long term financing

Long Term Financing Plans for Five Intermediate City Municipalities

assessment of the viability of municipalities

Assessment of the Viability of Municipalities in Gauteng and North West Provinces

assessment of the sustainability

Assessment of the Sustainability of Utility Services in Cape Town

charges guideline

Municipal Development Charges Guidelines

grant framework

Intermediate City Municipalities Grant Framework

government evaluations

Assessment of Government Evaluations


Development and Institutionalisation of the Infrastructure Progression Model

urban settlements

Evaluation of the Urban Settlements Development Grant

reporting reforms

Rationalisation of Reporting Reforms in Metropolitan Municipalities

foster care

Impact Evaluation of the Foster Care Programme in Limpopo Province

water reslience

Financial Mechanisms and Models toward Economic Water Resilience

disposal Tax

Feasibility Study for a Landfill Disposal Tax

assessment of the sustainability
Municipal Development Charges Guidelines
Large scale project

Large-scale project and portfolio financial viability models

Gauteng integrated

Gauteng Infrastructure Investment Master Plan

Neighbourhood level

Neighbourhood-level Land Use Performance Metrics

Long term area

Long-Term Area-based Demographic Projections

Scalar impact

Neighbourhood-level Land Use Performance Metrics

land based funding

Land-based Funding Options for Gautrain Extension

economic impact of water

Economic Impact of Water Resilience Scenarios

Synthesis Report

Synthesis Report on Reconfiguring District Government

Implementation plan

Gauteng Inter-Governmental Relations Strategy and Implementation Plan

Assessment of National

Assessment of National & Provincial Inter-Governmental Relations Structures

Institutionalisation of the gauteng city

Institutionalisation of the Gauteng City-Region

Power and functions

Powers & Functions Framework